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Que-Rol unveils its new BRAND!

Que-Rol Inc. unveils its new company name, Slick, and announces its mission to mark its 25th anniversary!

SLICK is reorienting its portfolio of promotional products to expand into other product categories.  Having been acquired by Laklé Inc. in May 2018, the company will build on Laklé's 30 years of expertise and success in designing and manufacturing high end custom packaging and expand into new categories such as personalized and custom packaging.

YOUR products...

OUR packaging! 

Slick will now offer personalized packaging, standard or custom-made, for your promotional items, customized displays to showcase your products at merchants or on your premises, themed games, etc.

The manufacturing of personalized playing cards remains at the heart of our activities!

All of our services are now grouped under one roof in order to fully embody our vision of simplicity, innovation, creativity and quality.



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