What are our accepted methods of payments and terms?

Orders are payable upon reception of your invoice. It will be sent to you with your electronic proof to be approved.  No orders will be sent to production without a full payment.

Our preferred method of payment is via credit card but we also accept bank transfer.


Can I use my own shipping account/carrier?

Unfortunately, not. To make sure our business runs smoothly and assure that we can offer the best shipping prices to our customers, our operating systems are programmed to use one specific shipping broker for all our departments. This allows us to combine our shipping volumes, therefore offering lower prices to our customers.


Can I get a proof before going to production?

Yes. Every order includes one electronic proof. However, if you need to revise your order or bring a correction to your artwork, additional fees may be applied for graphic work and/or additional proofs.


Do you charge extra costs if I use more than one color?

That would depend on the product you select. We generally use a 4-color process printing for all our playing cards and some of our boxes. Some of our other products are also offered with black ink for a lower cost version of said products or hot stamp foils for a richer look.


Do you charge set-Up fees?

No. All of our products’ pricing (except one) include graphic imposition, electronic proof and set-up. Additional charges can be applied if you choose to add hot stamping to your product, select one or more of our options (for example: additional cards, rush production service, cello wrap, etc.) and shipping cost.


Do I have to pay extra if I have more than one visual (plate change)?

Yes. There is a $30.00 (A) fee for each plate change (different artwork, different color, etc.). 

However, if you have selected a two-sided personalized playing cards deck (Products: #6100, #6525, #6115, #6200 and #6215), the plate-change charge will apply only if you change your visual on the back of the cards as there are usually all the same. Since the inside of these products are usually all different, no plate change fee will be applied.


What is your standard turnaround for an order?

Every order is treated within the first 24/48 hours. During that time, work order and electronic proof will be sent to you. Once your approval and full payment are received, our production lead time is 2-3 weeks. A production rush service is also available depending on production schedule (may vary with large orders like 5000 or more). 


What is your shipping method?

We use a shipping broker.  Ground shipping is our regular method of shipping.  Since that method does not guarantee the delivery date, we encourage you to talk to your sales representative to check out other methods of shipping; especially if you have an event coming and are pressed for time.


What is the difference between standard paper and Casino paper for you playing cards?

Our standard paper is a 11.5 pts white cardboard. It is 85% opaque, depending of the imprint. You will be close to a 98% opacity if you have a full solid print on the back of the card. Casino paper is a 12 pts black core textured (linen) paper which offers 100% opacity. Even though our Casino paper’s thickness is just a little bit thicker that our Standard paper, the density is higher (310 gsm) which gives it a much better “snap”.


Do you make non-traditional size cards and quantity per deck of cards?

Yes. Custom size and/or quantities for deck of cards are possible, like Tarot cards or cards for a new game, cards for sports team, etc. Just send us your specifications, we will gladly give you a quote for your project.

Quantity is not an issue either for traditional sized deck of cards. We have our new “Option à la carte” in our 2021 catalog (page 11).  This product allows you to include any number of cards in your deck.


Do you make custom boxes for cards?

Yes. We already offer some custom products for regular sized playing card decks in our product line (see our Box section for more information)

Also, since we have a fully custom packaging department, we can manufacture many types, sizes and styles of packaging to suit your needs.  Just send us your specifications and particular needs and we will gladly make a quote for your project.



If my box size (gift box) is not in your listed sizes, can you make it anyway?

Yes. We have a department which specializes in fully custom boxes which manufactures custom packaging based on each customers special needs and requirements. We can easily accompany you in your project and answer any questions you may have. Contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote.


Since you don’t have any specific sizes for your custom shipping box product, how do I verify if my shipping box size is a small, medium or large?

Just download and/or open any QR code reader with your mobile phone or tablet and go to our BOX AND PACKAGING section on our website or page 23 of our new 2021 catalog and scan the QR Code provided.  You will access our custom shipping box size estimator page. Just enter your box measurements and the app will calculate the size of your box. You will then be able to check the right pricing for your size and desired quantity.


If your measurements do not meet our approved standard sizes but those are the exact measurements you need, please contact us and we will gladly make a quote for your project.

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